Calvin & Hobbes: Keeping the Legendary Cartoon Alive – Part 1

The wall of ego…

[Calvin, aimlessly staring at a wall]

Hobbes: What’s up with the staring, Calvin?

Calvin: You ever think there’s a similarity between walls and our ego?

Hobbes [scratching his head]: How come?

Calvin: Walls are thick and they stop what’s on the other side from entering…

Hobbes: And??

Calvin: Our ego is also thick as a wall. It often restricts things that can do good to us, from entering…

Hobbes: But, walls also stop unnecessary things from entering, which can harm us. What about that?

Calvin: That’s true…I don’t think we should break down the wall of ego. Ego helps protect our self-worth. But, it’s okay to lower it once in a while to let things in, that can help us grow…

Hobbes: Hmmm…that’s very thoughtful of someone who still pees his bed…also, you’re way past your bedtime. Now lower your ego and go to sleep, that’ll surely help you grow!

[Hobbes switches off the lights while Calvin stares into the abyss of darkness…thinking…how the world would be a better place if it lowered the wall once in a while…]

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